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PhD Position - ETH Zurigo

Bandi di ricerca e Premi - Pubblicato il 29 Luglio 2015

Geothermal reservoir characterization through hydraulic tomography approaches and heat tracer tests

The Chair of Engineering Geology at ETH Zurich invites applications for a PhD position in the area of flow and heat transport in fractured rock at the dekameter scale. The successful candidate must have an MSc in Earth Sciences or related field and be strongly interested in research. Knowledge and experience in hydrogeology, in-situ testing or groundwater flow modeling are of prime importance. Good technical and writing skills are desired.

This position is part of new large interdisciplinary projects dealing with deep geothermal energy in Switzerland and requiring a detailed investigation of fractures and their interaction with the surrounding rock matrix. This study will complement current research on high resolution hydraulic field testing, hydraulic and flow tomography and geothermal energy. The research work is based on field experiments carried out at the Grimsel Underground Research Laboratory.

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