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Congresso Società Geologica Italiana - Sessione Idrogeologia

Congressi ed Eventi - Pubblicato il 03 Maggio 2018

P41. The contribute of the quantitative and qualitative hydrogeology in the study and management of the water resources

Quantitative hydrogeology is crucial for groundwater management, during normal periods and, especially, during droughts. Qualitative assessment of groundwater and the study of the phenomena that influence groundwater quality are equally important, especially in aquifers with high anthropic pressure. The purpose of the session is to present the state of art in Italy in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of groundwater resources, especially through: evaluation of the factors involved in hydrogeological balance and hydrogeochemical setting; statistical analysis; monitoring networks; models; methods for verification of results, also for the groundwater management during droughts. Spring and well hydrograph analyses, hydrogeological maps, model simulations and GIS data treatment are welcome studies in the session, involving mountainous, flat, and coastal areas.