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IAH 2024, DAVOS World Groundwater Congress - 08-13.09.2024

Congressi ed Eventi - Pubblicato il 23 Gennaio 2024

After Wuhan and Cape Town, the World Groundwater Congress is back in Europe.The Swiss Society of Hydrogeology (SSH), the Centre for Hydrogeology and Geothermics of the University of Neuchâtel (CHYN) and the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) welcome you to Davos in the Swiss Alps for a stimulating World Groundwater Congress 2024.


  • The preliminary parallel session program is now available under It is a very exciting program with over 50 topics covering the global diversity of hydrogeology.  Everyone should find a suitable topic for a contribution.
  • The call for abstract is now open Short abstracts (2000 characters) can be submitted via an online form by February 29th.
  • It still possible to propose workshops and short courses on Sunday before the congress by February 29th. More information can be found on
  • Share your passion for hydrogeology with the global groundwater community. The first “my best hydrogeology images” have arrived: More details on
  • And of course, sponsors and exhibitors are very welcome.


In the following, the sessions proposed by IAH-Italy members:

  • Aquifers at salinization risks and salinized aquifers: from the risk management to their sustainable utilization (Maurizio Polemio)
  • Environmental tracers to investigate anthropogenic impacts on groundwater quality (Viviana Re)
  • Developing groundwater for drinking water and sustainable livelihoods for low-income communities (Viviana Re)
  • People and Groundwater in the Anthropocene - Socio-hydrogeology for addressing human-groundwater relationships in a changing world (Viviana Re)
  • Current developments and future directions for Groundwater Education (Francesca Lotti)
  • From data to decisions  (Francesca Lotti)
  • Approaches to sustainable groundwater management in a changing world (Manuela Lasagna)
  • The Interplay between Geothermal Energy and Groundwater Use in the Energy Transition (Martina Gizzi e Glenda Taddia)
  • Groundwater temperatures in the context of global warming and anthropogenic influences - Risk and opportunities (Elena Egidio)