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Special issue "Impacts of Recent Drought Conditions and Resource Management Strategies on Groundwater" - Water MDPI

Special issue - Pubblicato il 18 Gennaio 2023

E' aperta la call per l'invio di paper per lo Special Issue "Impacts of Recent Drought Conditions and Resource Management Strategies on Groundwater" sulla rivista open access Water MDPI (IF 3.530). La scadenza per l'invio è fissata al 30 novembre 2023.

Comunicazione degli Editori:

This Special Issue of the journal Water, entitled “Impacts of Recent Drought Conditions and Resource Management Strategies on Groundwater”, addresses how the recent droughts registered in many parts of the world have affected groundwater systems, and how the resulting short- and long-term water shortages have resonated in other sectors. Understanding how meteorological droughts affect groundwater, and the resulting direct and indirect effects on groundwater levels and baseflow discharge, is necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change and to develop drought resilience plans and adaptation measures. A broad spectrum of sectors related to groundwater (e.g., agriculture, drinking-water supply, and ecologic resources) can be damaged by drought, and this issue aims to address how they respond, highlighting the resilience of some sectors and the vulnerability of others. Lastly, this issue aims to explore innovative solutions to decreasing the magnitude of drought through groundwater management. We welcome papers concerning data analysis and innovative approaches, groundwater flow numerical modeling forecasts, the design of adaptation measures, and field experiments.

The topics covered by this Special Issue are:

  • The effects of drought on aquifer systems;
  • Groundwater/surface water interactions;
  • Innovative practices for drought resilience;
  • Environmental consequences of drought;
  • Multi-data monitoring and management practices in response to drought.

Guest Editors:
Prof. Dr. Luca Alberti
Prof. Dr. Peter Bayer
Dr. Matteo Antelmi
Dr. Pietro Mazzon
Dr. Daniel T. Feinstein 

Link to Special Issue:

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