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The Qualitative and Quantitative Management of Groundwater Resources in Urban Areas

Special issue - Pubblicato il 26 Giugno 2024

This Special Issue focuses on the fair use of groundwater resources in anthropic environments. Currently, due to frequent drought periods related to climate change, the protection and management of groundwater resources have been crucial around the world. The purpose of this Special Issue is to identify the current state-of-the-art assessment techniques (qualitative and quantitative) used to assess groundwater resources in urban settings and propose various applications in order to provide a
more sustainable use of the resource. Analytical solutions or numerical models that can be used to predict future scenarios and propose solutions to problems are fundamental tools as they enhance knowledge of hydrogeological process dynamics (in the aquifers) and they help scientists and technicians to identify the most effective solutions.

The goal is to gather manuscripts that discuss different topics related to the groundwater resources, such as flow processes and modeling, remediation, irrigation, shallow geothermal energy exploitation, and environmental impact assessment, among others. For each topic, it is important to conduct analyses supported by experimental data and/or analytical and numerical methods.
In this Special Issue, contributions related to the following topics of interest are welcome:

  • Flow processes in porous media and fractured rocks;
  • Groundwater management in urban areas;
  • Rising groundwater levels and groundwater flooding;
  • Different uses of groundwater: hydro-potable purposes, irrigation, remediation, and shallow geothermal systems;
  • Coupled hydraulic, thermal, chemical, and biological processes;
  • Groundwater/surface water interactions;
  • Innovative practices for drought resilience;
  • Multi-data monitoring and management practices;
  • Reactive transport processes in the vadose zone and saturated portions of aquifers;
  • Advanced numerical modeling or analytical frameworks and methods

For more details, please see link.

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