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MINWAT2020 - Caserta 29 marzo - 2 aprile 2020

3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral Waters: Genesis, Exploitation, Protection, and Valorisation. The MinWat 2020 Conference will represent an exceptional opportunity to update knowledge about each MinWat core investigation activity among earth scientists from national and international institutions. 

The three main scientific topics of the conference will be the following:
A. Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, and hydrogeophysics - Origin, protection, and management of mineral and thermal waters
B. Bottled waters - Market and demand
C. Mineral and thermal waters - Health issues, balneology, balneotherapy, and balneotechnics.

Organised by IAH Commission on Mineral and Thermal Water (IAH CMTW), IAH National Chapter of Italy (IAH Italy), University of Naples.